From “I Do” to throwing the bouquet, we would be delighted to be a part of your special day. Allow us to add our classic sound and elegant vibe to a day timeless in memory. We can set the mood for the ceremony, spice up cocktail hour, or get your guests on the dance floor. We provide a wide ranging songbook that will be tailored to you.


Dandy Wellington and His Band have performed at all kinds of events. From social events at Bergdorf Goodman to corporate functions with Aflac and State Farm, we bring our brand or elegance to every situation. Our classic sound and sartorial style is perfect for art and book openings, private parties, music festivals, and beyond. For all event inquiries, contact us through the Get In Touch tab, or email

Katie & Puneet

“Our wedding day was everything we could have dreamed of and more and I owe a huge thank you to Dandy Wellington and his Band. We had a lot planned, and we managed to fit it all in thanks to Dandy! Dandy Wellington and his Band aren’t just a group of musicians, they are a top quality, vintage, musical experience! They were a wonderful addition to our country wedding. Dandy met with us beforehand to iron out all the fine details, he catered the event to our outdoor setting, emceed with pure energy, humor and joy, and added his very unique flavor to our very unique day! I wanted to sing for Puneet at our reception and Dandy even rehearsed with me the week before our wedding! We look back at our wedding with immense fondness and all thanks to Dandy! Anyone who decides to work with this talented entertainer will be more than glad they did!” – Katie & Puneet

Brooklyn Derby

brooklyn-derby-2012“No one fills a crowd with joyous positivity better than Dandy Wellington and his Band! Dandy connects with every single person on the dance floor and let’s them know they are part the party. As an event organizer, Dandy makes me look great; he and his band manage to provide both timeless sophistication and uproarious revelry. And, oh, that fashion! If I die tomorrow, have Dandy Wellington play me out!” – Jessi Arrington, Experience Designer, Brooklyn Derby co-founder

Candice & Matt

NYC-Wedding-Photographer-32_sized“Almost every wedding I have attended has a first kiss, flowers, dapper men,gorgeous women, great food, dancing, drinks and music. What every wedding should have is Dandy Wellington and His Band. They are one of a kind! When I reached out to Dandy with the idea of musically escorting our wedding congregation from the ceremony to the reception I knew it would be amazing. I turned out to be one of my fondest memories of the entire day. Dandy and his band not only brought a great surprise to all of our wedding guests as they walked through Brooklyn, they did it with style and so much skill.


Dandy’s voice and style, combined with the flawless backup of his band cannot be compared to any form of (wedding) entertainment I have seen. Just perfect!” – Candice & Matt

Prentice Art Communications

img-1920s-gala_150816353000_sized“Working with Dandy Wellington and his Band on the Museum of Arts & Design gala this May was an absolute pleasure. They understood that what we were looking to achieve was something nuanced and elegant rather than sheer spectacle. Together with performer Sara Deckard they helped transport the museum’s guests back to the 1920s in a convincing and chic way.” – Bettina Prentice

Ingrid & Maurice

“Since we have seen Dandy Wellington perform a few times at different venues, it was a no-brainer to ask the band to perform at our wedding for cocktail hour.
All our guests were impressed and talked about the band even after the wedding. Dandy Wellington really added some class to our special night.” – Ingrid & Maurice

The Napoleon Group

“Once you work with Dandy and his band you’ll no longer wonder what jazz was like in the 20’s. Dandy brings unmatched mannerism, style, respect and class to the jazz of our time and I predict him being one of the great showman of our era. If you ever get the chance to work with him make sure you film it!” – Brent Napoleon

Elise & Patrick

patrick_king_and_elise_terrell_sized“Dandy Wellington and his band were the highlight of our wedding! His mix of high style and old school jazz created exactly the atmosphere we wanted. Dandy and his band brought a level of sophistication and cool we wouldn’t have found with anyone else.” – Patrick & Elise


“Working with Dandy Wellington and His Band made ART=MIXX an event to remember! The entire crowd had a blast and we have Dandy to thank for it. The band was obviously born out of passion, excitement and enthusiasm and that’s exactly the vibe we were going for, and achieved!” – Jacquelyn Lipp

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